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World War I

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World War I News

Lenin and the BolsheviksBy Dylan MorleySince the Russian czar had been overthrown, a temporary government was set up. Soviet deputies had been organized when chaos had started in Russia. The petrograd soviet leaders were socialists. Although a temporary government was in place, the Russians still wanted to continue the war. The moderate Mensheviks and the more radical Bolsheviks fought for control of the soviets. Vladimir Lenin followed Karl Marx. Although, Russia had little industry and a small working class, Lenin thought that social forces in Russia might not move. So Lenin, had set up a group of leaders to train Russia's working class to be more of a force. The basis of communism came from Lenin's version of Marxism.

Russia in World War IBy: Dylan Morley Russia was probably the worst industrialized nation during World War I. Just when Russians thought things couldn't go any worse, the Ottoman Empire, who had entered the war on the Central Powers side, had cut supplies from outside Russia. Russian war losses were devasting. Many Russian Allies had depended on the enormous amount of Russian soldiers, but these soldiers were poorly led and poorly equipped. The cause of World War I showed Russia's economic weaknesses. Soon after World War I,the Russian people had started to give up in the czar and in their own government. Debts, rents, and taxes had kept many Russian peasants desperate for money. The Duma which had very little power started demanding government reforms, so the czar terminated it. In Russian history, the government was able to use the army against disturbances, than all of a suddden Russian soldiers sided with the demonstrators. In March 1917 the czar gave up the throne, and his family including him, were imprisoned. Eventually, the Russian monarchy had come to an end.

World War I News

British propaganda had a huge influence on AmericansBy: Dylan Morley

Map of Russia in World War I

Peace and Civil War By Dylan MorleyWith the temporary government still in place, Russia continued on a losing streak, but kept on fighting. A peace treaty had been signed at the city of Brest Litovsk. This treaty was an agreemment between Lenin's new government and the Central Powers. Civil war broke out due to groups who wanted to restore the monarchy, which lasted for three years in 1918. Red army is what the Communists forces were called. Since the peace treaty was signed, Allies became angered. Communists had won by the year of 1921. By 1922 Communists had renamed the land they ruled of the Soviet Union.

The United States and World War IBy: Dylan MorleyA majority of Americans agreed with President Wilson, that the war was a European Affair and the U.S. should stay neutral. It wasnt long Until the war began to affect the U.S. Although, the U.S. was the most industrialized neutral nation, they had problems with trading contraband to each side of the war. Many people have come to think that the British propagnda, the Arthur Zimmermann incident, the germans who delcared a "war zone" around Britain, and revolutionaries in Russia who overthrew the autocratic czarist government, had led the United States to delcare war.

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