World War I- Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Social Studies
World War I

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World War I- Kaiser Wilhelm II

World War One






Social ImpactSocially, the war that the Kaiser had fought in caused great unrest in Germany. When the Germans had lost a lot of land as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, the citizens were mad at the political leaders. The social unrest led to the assassination of those thought to have been a part in agreeing to the treaty.

How the Kaiser Came AboutWhen Kaiser Wilhelm II came to power, he was the age of 29 years old. The previous ruler, Wilhelm I, had died, and his father, Kaiser Fredrick III, died within months of taking the throne. As Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm II wanted Germany to become a great power. Even though he was the new ruler, he didn't want the advice of the trusted prime minister Otto Von Bismark anymore. Ties were broken with Von Bismark and the Kaiser had all the power to himself.

Significance and ImpactKaiser Wilhelm II was the German emperor when Germany joined WWI. Wilhelm II had broken ties with Otto Von Bismark, who helped Germany to be peaceful and have treaties with other nations. Wilhelm II, however, let these trieties end which led Germany to only have an alliance with Austria-Hungary. This caused Germany to be in the minority group of alliances with themselves and Austria-Hungary against France, Russia, and Great Britain. When Kaiser Wilhelm II had his army go through Belgium to get to France and there was little resistence, Germany destroyed the cities in Belgium. This caused Britain to join the war as they were unhappy about what Germany had done. Kaiser Wilhelm II also built up his navy which caused tensions with Great Britain.

Economic ImpactKaiser Wilhelm II had led Germany and other nations to go into economic distress. Due to the war, there was a great amount of expenses for each nation. Patially due to WII, the world eventually went into the Great Depression.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Political ImpactKaiser Wilhelm II was the political leader of Germany that led the nation into war. He was in charge of the army, but mostly listened to his genrals on what to do. The Kaiser's actions caused Britain to join the war when he decided to go through Belgium and invade. Although it is said that the Kaiser didn't really want to go to war, he was the political figure in charge that declared war on Russia and France. Once Germany had lost the war, the Kaiser was put into exile. Also, Germany lost land to other nations because they were considerd to have instigated the war and were on the lossing side.

Germany goes to War

Kaiser Wilhelm II came to power

Wilhelm II's reign ends

WWI ends

Ties with Von Bismark broken

Speech from the Balcony of the Royal Palace, Berlin, July 31, 1914A momentous hour has struck for Germany. Envious rivals everywhere force us to legitimate defense. The sword has been forced into our hands. I hope that in the event that my efforts to the very last moment do not succeed in bringing our opponents to reason and in preserving peace, we may use the sword, with the help of God, so that we may sheathe it again with honor. War will demand enormous sacrifices by the German people, but we shall show the enemy what it means to attack Germany. And so I commend you to God. Go forth into the churches, kneel down before God, and implore his help for our brave army.

Does Germany want to go to war with other nations?


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