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Social Studies
World War I

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World War I Inforgraphic

Schlieffen Plan

Number of men enlisted in the British Army (1914):730,000

Mark VIII Tank

A View from the British Isles

Designed by Britain & USLargest of British WWI Tanks (9 tons)300 horsepower at 1,250 rpmEngine and Crew Compartment separated (less fumes)

From: Arthur Zimmermann To: von Eckhardt in Mexico (British intercepted & deciphered it)Asked Mexico to join Germans in return for former US territory

Treaty of Versailles = Punishments for Germany

- forced Germany to pay for damages of war- limited their military to 100,000 soldiers- gave some of their territory away to Britain, Japan, and France

...leading to trench warfare

Germans are stopped by British and French troops = stalemate created

British WIN naval race against Germany!British blockade ... Turnip Winter in Germany

750,000 Germans died

Germany invades France to prevent having a two-front war

- December 1914 = Germany and France had almost 1,000,000 casualties- In two weeks of the war = France had almost 300,000 casualties - 1915 = Russia had 2,500,000 casualties

In 1915, Germany introduced gas warfare.

No man's land = threats by machine guns and barbed wire

Spanish Flu

- had severe symtoms that were fatal to millions- methods used to prevent it = not helpful- in Britain 228,000 died fom it- caused 16,000,000 deahts in India


"America should have minded her own business and stayed out of the World War...all these 'isms' wouldn't today be sweeping the continent of Europe and breaking down parliamentary government



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