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Social Studies
World War I-II

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On Easter Monday 1917 at 5:30 in the morning all four Canadian divisions attacted Hill 145. The imfamous hill that could not be surprised, was surprised not by the attack but by the unity and bravery of the Canadian soldiers. By 6:25 the Canadians had reached thier second goal for advancement.

The Germans took Vimy in October 1914. The Ridge is four and a half miles long, 480 feet high, rised gently on the western side and had a sharp decline on the eastern side. Vimy Ridge was also called Hill 145 and "the Pimple" by both sides of the fight. The wepons used during Vimy Ridge were 480 18-pounder feild guns, 245 crops-level heavy guns, and 138 4.5-inch howitzers.

Thesis: Vimy Ridge proved that the Canadian army were a strong and brave force able to fight on their own.

Vimy Ridge

After the bloody battle of the Somme where soliders were killed brutally and treated terriably, the army wanted to make a differnt outcome at Vimy Ridge. Canadian soldiers proved at the battle of the Somme that they were strong enough to fight at Hill 145. There was months of planning involved to insure that they would win

These are the gas masks the soldiers would have worn to protect themselves from gass

This is what the battle field at Vimy looks like today

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In this picture you see a canon resting in a trench.

This is a soldier's uniform

British Lt. Gen. Sir Julian Byng was appionted to the four divisions of Canadian troops. Byng made the soldiers rehearse the plan several times. He had now invented the "Vimy Glide' where the troops would advance 100 yards every three muintes. The General also gave out 40000 maps to the troops. Usually only the highly ranked officers were permitted to see and use maps but Byng wanted the soliders to be confident with the plan. Canadian troops were given all the details of the battle except the date of attack.

This is a picture of the graves of the soldiers that died at Vimy

On April 12th the fourth division had taken "the Pimple" and fought back the Germans. This was the first time Canadians had worked together as a country. This had been the start of Canada being an independant Nation. To commemorate the lives lost at Vimy there is now a memorial that stands on Hill 145 .

This is the memorial at Hill 145



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