World War I; Alicia Mary Kelly

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World War I; Alicia Mary Kelly

General Information

About Alicia Mary Kelly

Alicia Mary Kelly was a World War 1 nurse; she saved many soldiers from death or permanent injury with her medical skills. She even put her life on the line to comfort her patients and protect them when there was an air raid in the Casualty Clearing Station. She not only does her job all the way to the end but she was brave and loyal to her patients. Alicia Mary Kelly served in the Great War from around 1915 to 1918, that’s around three years! This shows she was very dedicated to her job and shows how much she was willing to help the wounded. Her hard work, dedication to her work and helping the wounded soldiers was shown through the awards she received which was the Military Medal and the Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class, which in my opinion she deserved. Who knows what could have happened to the men at the Casualty Clearing Station if she wasn’t their comforting while the medical staff hide, she was truly a kind and brave women, one that should be known for her great efforts.


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World War 1; Alicia Mary Kelly

Alicia Mary Kelly referred to as Rachael among her colleagues was born in 1886 in County Mayo, Ireland. Her family then decided to migrate to Australia, where she trained as a nurse and successfully completed her training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 1910. She then became a nurse at the Eye and Ear Hospital and later was in charge of a private hospital owned by Dr Kent Hughes. When Alicia Mary Kelly heard about the war, she enlisted as a staff nurse at the age of 29. A few months later she was sent as reinforcements from Sydney to Egypt for the 1st Australian General Hospital where she received patients from Gallipoli.In 1916, April she served in France until December, when she joined the 29th Casualty Clearing Station. it was there in 1917 April where she was promoted sister and earned one of seven military medals that were awarded to nurses in WW1. While Alicia Mary Kelly was on duty at the Casualty Clearing Station there was a sudden air raid, this caused all the medical staff dashing to safety, but Alicia Mary Kelly stayed with her patients comforting them by putting washing basins on their heads. Although they were not much protection if a bomb dropped near them, it did give the patients some safety. Later on a military chaplain discovered her, urging her to come to safety, she refused saying she wouldn’t leave her patients.After this event she was also awarded the Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class as well as the Military Medal for her bravery during this horrific event. Two days after the event Alicia Mary Kelly went to serve the 3rd Australian General Hospital. In March 1918 she went to England for a transporting duty, then in May to Australia. She was sister-in-charge for the sail back to Australia, when she arrived back to Australia; her patients gave her a silver cup that they hand made themselves, as a thank you for her hard work.Later on she got discharged and got married to Arthur Rupert Chippers, who also had served in the war. Alicia Mary Kelly during WW2 continued nursing but as matron of the Old Woman's House. On the 16th April 1942 she died of pneumonia in Midland, Perth.

By: Surinder Kaur

Born: 1886 in County Mayo, Ireland (family migrated to Australia)Occupation before War: NurseAge of Enlistment: 29Rank: Staff Nurse → SisterUnit: 1 Australian General HospitalService to: Army/ Flying CorpsAwards/ Medals: > Military Medal Buckingham Palace, 16 October 1917)>Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class (1 January 1918)Died: 16th April 1942 Midland, PerthBuried: Karrakatta Cemetery


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