World War 2

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World War 2

World War 2

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, then he joined the NAZI party(NAtional Socialist German Worker's PArty). After President Paul von Hindenburg dies, on August 2, 1934, he names himself Der Fuher(leader).

America creates the Neutrality Act. They also forbade the selling of arms to hostile countries. Then their was a Spanish civil War and Francisco Frano and Nationalist Party fought the Republicans to set up fascism. Tested ground for new GErman and Italian weapons. Created the Rome-Berlin Axis.(alliacne between Germany and Italy).

Hitler and Chamberlain create the Munich Agreement on September 28, 1938. Which he agreeged for Czechoslovakia to gain independence. But in the long run Hitler invaded Czech in Mach 1939. Then he started to demand Poland territory.

September 1, 1939 was the day that Hitler invaded Poland. France and Great Britain came to help Poland out as much as possible. Cash and Carry was their to help France and Great Britain if they payed in cash and transport themselves.

December 7, 1941"a date which will live in infamy". Then Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. December 8, 1941 US declared war on Japan. Then Germany and Italy declared war on US days later. US declared war on them and then allied themselves with them so that they could fight with Great Britain and France.

Rosie The Rivoter, symoblized all the women who took the place of men in factories during World War 2.


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