World War 2 - Cyrus

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Social Studies
World War I-II

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World War 2 - Cyrus

World War 2

World War 2 is considered the most global conflict that has ever occured, as well as the bloodiest. With a total of 61 participating countries, the death toll has been put at 72 million people.

The United States was one of the biggest contributors to the war, fighting in both the European theater, fighting nazi Germany, and the Pacific theater, fighting imperial Japan.

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After World War 1, the US decided to not enter any more wars, because the death toll had been too high in WW1. The US only entered the war when Japanese airplanes attacked the US navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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As you can expect, this made the US pretty angry. They felt they had been betrayed by Japan. They had sworn to remain neutral, and Japan attacked them all the same. This was an intolerable act for the US, and they swiftly declared war against all Axis nations, and set about mobilizing their industrial capabilites.

It was this industrial giant that helped topple the once mighty nazi empire. Even with their superior skill, training, and technology, the nazis were simply overwhelmed by the superior numbers of the Allies.

This probably explains quite a bit of why the Japanese-americans in Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet were so feared and disciminated against. The Japanese had just launched an unprovoked attack against the US. The Japanese were the enemy of the US. This gave the american people the mindset that even Japanese-americans were the enemy, and so were eventually put in internment camps inland, so that there would be no chance that any of the Japanese-americans could commit acts of sabatoge against American commercial and military targets.

With the war in Europe over, the US could focus on pummeling Japan to dust with endless waves of tanks, infantry, and high explosives. But then, figuring there was probably a quicker way to end the war, the atomic bomb was created, and used to annihilate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrended within few weeks of the bombs.



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