World War 2

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World War II

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World War 2

" Yesterday Decmber 7,1941 a date which will live in Imfamy" The Japanese launched an unprovoked and dastardly attacked".

Its 1941 U.S Goes to War! World War 2by Zavion Pritchett.

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The Big Three Roosevelt, Church hill, and Stalin met at the Yalta conference in February 1945, to toast the defeat of Germany. No-one had a clue of the horror they would find went the allies discovered Hilter's death camps. A little justice would come through the fact that Hilter was dead along with his wife and justice later when the war is over Nuremberg Trials.

Americans wanted revenge.

The Allies celebrated V-E Day, victory in Europe Day. The war with Germany was over .the war with japan was just beginning. President Roosevent , did not live to see V-E Day . President Harry S. Truman his vice president would finish the job.