World War 2

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Social Studies
World War II

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World War 2

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Homefront The Homefront was an important role in world war II. People on the homefront used many methods such as women on the workfront and Rationing. Rationing is when you conserve a material in order to provide supplies for people in war. Women on the workfront played a big role in WWII because they worked in factories and other places that men would normally work they did this in order to supply war supplies for the soilders at war.


War In Europe: A important battle in the War in Europe was the invasion of Italy . What happened in that battle was that the allies attacked from different sides of italy and then attacked the mainland of Italy and freed Italy from Nazi Rule. Another key battle was the Invasion of Normandy or D-Day. What happened was that the Allies entered France on the beaches of narmandy and they attacked the nazis and they freed france from nazi rule.

War In the Pacific: The battle ofthe pacific was when the U.S stopped Japan from taking Hawaii and other pacific islands. This battle was important because if Japan took over those islands it would of left the left side of the U.s open and avaliable for Jpan to attck and take over it. This battle was also important because it was the first battle in the pacific that the U.S won and it motivated them.Another important battle was the battles of IWo Jima and Nagosaki these battles were important because they ended the war and it had a huge impact on japan . But this event led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians

Propaganda of Rationing

Battle of Midway Video:

Battles of Iwo Jima and Nagasaki:

Invasion of Italy video:

D-Day Video:


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