World war 1 weapons

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World War I

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World war 1 weapons

Word War 1 weapons

Some of the weapons

The bayonet was a comparatively simple weapon. A bracketed dagger attached to the end of a rifle barrel. Its function was to turn the rifle into a thrusting weapon. So its owner could attack the enemy without drawing too close.

In World War I pistols were issued mainly to officers. Enlisted soldiers only received pistols if they were required in specialist duties. Such as military police work or in tank crews, where rifles would be too unwieldy. The most famous pistol of the war was the German-made Luger. Wth its distinctive shape, narrow barrel and seven-shot.

Grenades are small bombs, thrown by hand or launched from a rifle attachment, which are detonated on impact or by a timer. Germany, as it did for other small arms, led the way in grenade development.

Tanks were another of World War I’s legacies to modern warfare. These large armoured carriers, impervious to rifle and machine-gun fire.

Mines were large bombs or explosive charges, planted underground and detonated remotely or by the impact of soldiers’ feet.

No development had a greater effect on the battlefields of World War I than heavy weapons. Artillery\weapons pieces were essentially huge cannons that fired explosive rounds against enemy positions. Causing enormous damage to men, equipment and the landscape.



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