World War 1 Times

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World War I

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World War 1 Times

As time went on ,countries around Europe made mutal defense agreements that would possibly pull them into battle. Therefore,if one country was attacked , allied countries had no choice but to defend them. Before World War I began ,the folowing alliances exited Russia ' Serbia Germany ' Austria-HungaryFrance ' RussiaBritain ' France ' BelgiumJapan ' BritainMost of the wars orgin was based on the desire of the Slavic people in Bonsia and Herzegovina,Herzegovina is one country it comes from two regions of geographic area comprising Bonsia and Herzegovina. The Bonsia region is the northern region of the country while the Heregovina region is the south. Meanwhile the Herzegovina and bonsia were no longer apart of Austria Hungary but instead the were apart of sebria.But in a more general way nationalism was driven throughout the countries of Europe were infected with nationalism. Causing each country to try and prove their dominance and power.

World War 1 Times:The War to End All Wars

Lustitania Sunk:

During the first year of the war German submarines (called U-Boats) attacked and sank British ships that had tradable goods and weapons on board. On May 7,1915 a German submarine torpedoed and sank the SS Lusitania, an american ship said to have carried weapons for the British. The attacked killed 1,200 women,children, and men. Whatever you may heed, joining war is NOT the right decision.


Despite the German attack it would be wise for the U.S. to stay out of the war, this is not our war to fight, we should be using this time to create a stronger empire/military and technology. We DO NOT want to waste our fathiful army on some stupid war that we are not even involed in. Trench Warfare is a foolish way to fight and an easy to kill our americans troops. Germany has decided to discontinue their attacks on american ships, so their is no reason for us to charge into batttle than to commit a suicide mission!


Kaiser Willhelm II put the plan into effect. His intention was for the german army to quickly travel through Belgium then attack the french and make them retreat in a couple weeks then attack Russia strongly, but luckily their plan went wrong France's strong army occupied them for much longer than expected by the Germans.

June 28 1914, It was a bright sunnny day that started the treacherous Great War, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife (heir to Austro-Hungarian throne) traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia they rode down the city streets in pleasure and BAM!The shots rang out and the couple were dead! The first country to declare war was Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia in revenge for their king. Russia came to Serbia's aid and many countries followed the same routine untill they were tangled in war!

The Trigger is Pulled:

Schlieffen Plan

Weapons ' Womens

Watch out men! Women are rapidly joining the war due to the Russians, and have fighting respectably! New technologies like cannans, aircraft, torpedos, and posion gas are the main weapons of this war, another reason for Americans to stay put and NOT enter this absurd war!

-Jala, Madelyn, ' Johna