World War 1 Battles

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World War I

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World War 1 Battles

The first Battle of the Marne was between the Alied powers and the German Army. The Alied powers defeated the German Army after only eight days of fighting. The defeat of Germany by Alied forces brought Germany's movement to a halt and ensued trench warfare.

Battle of the Somme

-Battle of the Marne Sepetmber 1914 -Battle of Somme July-November 1916-Battle of Ypres July-November 1917

During the Battle of the Somme, Germany launched an attack on the Allied Powers in Verdun, France. Germany killed 58,000 soldiers; making that day the worst day in the history of the British Army. Although therer was no classified winner of the Battle of the Somme; Germany held their ground making the German forces look strong.

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Battles of World War 1

Battle of the Marne


Battle of the Somme Footage (1916)

The 2nd Battle of the Marne was the last war Germany was apart of on the Western Front.This battle is known as the beginning of the end of the Great War.

The 2nd Battle of Marne


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