World Religions: Christianity (by ahenihan)

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World Religions: Christianity (by ahenihan)

All Christians, regardless of their denomination, believe:- in God the Father, Jesus Christ (the Son of God, the Savior), and the Holy Spirit- in Christ's death, decension, acension, and resurrection- Christ's second coming, the Day of Judgement, and salvation.

Christianity is a monotheistic faith that is centered around the belief in a supreme being, God, who is the creator of all things and has no beginning or end.

Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazareth in the first century AD.

World Religions: Christianity

At first, Christianity was merely a "branch" of dissenting Jews; it only became a separate religion with the admittance of "Gentiles" or non-Jews.

Jesus preached redemption, salvation, mercy, kindness, and charity...he taught that "God is love."

As in any faith, there are numerous "branches" of Christianity; the three main ones are Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodism.

There are many holy texts in the Christian faith, but the most important is the Bible, a compilation of religious scripture.

There are various versions of the Bible, but the most commonly used is the King James version. However, many popular bibles are now "rewritten" in modern English.

After death, it is believed that those who lived by the laws of God will be resurrected and live with him inheavenforever and that those who disobeyed him and did not seek forgiveness will burn in hell for eternity.

Jesus Christ was believed to be the long awaited saviour, the Messiah of God's people. "Christ" comes from the Greek "Christos" meaning "Messiah."

One ceremony in which nearly all Christians partake is the Mass. Here, Christians gather on holy days to pray together, read scripture, and take the Eucharist. It is a very symbolic ceremony where Christians relive Jesus' Last Supper, grow closer as a community, celebrate God's love, and remember Christ's sacrifice.

Important symbols include the fish (Chrisitans are "fishers" of men), the triquetra (the Holy Trinity), and the cross (Jesus' sacrifice).

Christianity began during a difficult time in the Middle East; the region was struggling under Roman rule, and the people desperately waited for their God to save them.

Another important Christian ritual is Baptism. This is when a person becomes a member of the Church. After reciting a creed, the person is annointed with water and freed from sin. This marks the beginning of new life in Christ.

Christians are very similar to Jews in many ways, but they differ fundamentally on the matter of the Messiah.



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