[2015] Simone Maillardet (5/6d): World Records

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[2015] Simone Maillardet (5/6d): World Records

Differences If you compare the both genders you see that the men are a whole 4 seconds faster! Which is heaps as these are the fastest people on earth some of the world records are only held by a couple of mille seconds.

Mens World Record The record id held by Hicham El Guerrouj from Moroccowith a time of 3:26:00

World record Women The world record for the womens is now held by Genzebe Dibaba from Ethiopia. She did it in a total time of 3:50:07 which she set in the 17 of July 2015.

World Records1500

The shoes of a winner



Yunxia QuShe holds the second fasters time. When she ran the time of 3:50:46 on the 11 September 1993. Which is a long time to hold the record for any event really.

When was the 1500 first introduced in the olympics?The 1500 was first interoduced in the olympics in 1897 Summer OLympic games!

Hicham El Guerrouj

Genzebe Dibaba


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