World Power

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Social Studies
American History

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World Power

United States Rise ToWorld Power

the door above represents the open door policies that we had with china.

Teddy Rosevelt was drawn to be a beast and a man who took what he wanted. the american way.

the racist renderings of the differnt cultures during the spanish american war

King of Hawaii

This Picture shows how spanish "colonies" were kicking spain in the butt for there independtence

The U.S.S. Maine was an american ship the blew up near cuba and was blamed on the spainish and is was brought the americans into the war

an image of how people view america

The daughter of the hawaiin king who took over after his death and was intmidated into resighning by the american people inhabiting there

Pic. of a fight that happened in cuba

Cartoon of america aiming the canon at spain



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