World Music Project: Iceland

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World Music Project: Iceland

Facts of IcelandPopulation: 323,000 (2003)Location: Iceland is located in Northwest Europe and is its second-largest Island.

Music of Iceland

Langspil- The Langspil, in the Zither family, is the closest cousin to the hummel, which was originated in northern Germany and southern Scandinavia.Icelandic Fiola- The Icelandic Fiola (pronounced fithla) has little known about it because it "died out" and almost disappered by the middle 19th century.

Bjork (bee-york) is one of a few famous artists in Iceland. She has been known for being her-self and making creative music. She started her career early on, and studied piano through middle school. Later on, her school teacher submitted a recording of her signing to a radio station. Soon, she recieved a label from a local company at the age of 11. Today, you can but buy one of her records on ebay up tp $200. Bjork was not only successful as a child, but she still is today.


Some of the Icelandic songs and dances represent the stories of Vikings

Iceland is known for its Ballad poetryBallad means: Form of a verse


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