World Literature

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Language Arts

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World Literature

"Education is the ability to list to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence"-Robert Frost

Fast Facts - A lot of countries like Armenia and Lyberia have experienced a genocide or war that has ended not too long ago - In Turkish culture, the first customer leaves a gift for the restaurant. - In the Ukraine young women who are not married wear a traditional flower head piece

World Literature

Dominique Cribb

In most of the countries discussed in this class, traditional clothing is still worn, and traditions are still practiced especially during different ceremonies.

In the Bahamas, they have to fly, or take a boat to Miami or other South Florida cities to buy clothes.Russia is divided into states and touches the Artic and Pacific ocean.

In Korea, guest wait until the host takes the first sip of tea in order to drink theirs.New Zealanders are very green and take pride in themselves.

Fiji water is actually from Fiji and they also fire walk.Many young children were shipped alone from Ireland to America for a better life.


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