World Hunger

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World Hunger

How can we fix this problem?To help end world hunger, we organize food drives. As people donate, the food then goes to the hungry people. Another way to help the hungry is planting a garden with your family and friends. Nutritious fruits and vegetables can also help starving people. Holding events like talent shows, bake sales, and walkathons are also a great way to raise money. That money can then be donated to a charity that is fighting against world hunger. You can also help by contacting local resteraunts and having them donate thier left-over food and produce. That way, all of their extra food will not be thrown away. Instead, it will be donated for a good cause. With all of these good ideas, we can all make a differnce!

What is happening and why?Families and people from all over the world have no fod in their stomachs and they go to bed hungry every night. The United Nation Food and Agriculture Organziation estimates that out of the 7 billion of us in the world, 870,000,ooo people are suffering from hunger today. This is mainly caused by poverty. Families under the poverty line starve because they don't have enough money to afford food. In certain countries, when the rich take over, the poor barely survive because of the harsh rules the rich have made. Just imagine how hard it must be for the hungry to survive.

Lack of Stable Food Supply IN ANCIENT TIMES

"If we work together, we can ALL make a DIFFERENCE,"- Khadija Kapuswala


What problem did they have and why?Hunting ' gathering did not provide a very stable food supply because when plants and animals grew scarce, it led to starvation. Hunting was very dangerous because hunters were often killed or injured. The weapons used for hunting were not as effective as today's weapons.

How did they fix their problem?The Neolithic people realized theydidn't have to rely on hunting and gathering. They started using a method called agriculture, the business of farming. This created a more stable food supply. With this, they also domesticated and raised animals. The tools that they used (Such as plows, wheels ect.) were very helpful and modern.


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