World Health Orginisation

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World Health Orginisation

WHOWorld Health Orginisation

About WHOWHO is the main administrating world health preserver on the planet. At WHO they reguarly do huminatarian work to developing countries as well as finding cures to many different diseaeses affecting the world.

WHO's RoleWHO's main role is to set satndards and norms in the health research community and industry.They have to monitor and control trends in the health industry. In addition they also provide support to developing countries.

WHO's HistoryWHO first came about in 1945 when the United Nations was formed. It was formed when two diplomats decided that there had to be a world health orginisation. WHO's constitution came into play on April 7 1948. A date now recognised as World Health Day.

WHO Programs World diabetes is a day of fundaraising and spreading of awarness for Diabetes. WHO implemented this on November 14 as this is the birthday of Frederick Banting. Banting who, along with Charles Best, were key in the discovery and use of insulina in 1922, a key treatment for diabetes patients.

WHO paricipants supplying vaccinations

-WHO participants supplying crucial vaccinations

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World diabetes day an event orginised by WHO

A video showing the participations that countries provide for world diabetes day, by lighting up the monuments around their countries