World Ecosystems

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by RobynMJordan
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World Ecosystems

World EcoSystemsby: Robyn Jordan

1. DesertLess than 10 in. of water a year!

2. PlainFlat or gently rolling

3. TropicSurrounds the equator

4. TundraCold and short growing season

5. GrasslandVegetation dominated by grasses

6. MountainStretching above surrounding land

7. ForestLarge area covered in tress

8. WetlandLand saturated by water

Our world is such an amazing place to live. Our world is complex and intricate. Our world ecosystems/biomes are part of what make our world so great. There are eight major ecosystems that make up our world. 1. Desert2. Plain3. Tropic4. Tundra5. Grassland6. Mountain7. Forest8. WetlandLet's take a deeper look at each of these ecosystems!


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