Works Progress Administration

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Works Progress Administration

Brad Soellner&Keegan Weller

Work Progress Administration

"It is to the eternal credit of the administrative officers of the WPA that discrimination on various projects because of race has been kept to a minimum and that in almost every community Negroes have been given a chance to participate in the work program. In the South, as might have been expected, this participation has been limited, and differential wages on the basis of race have been more or less effectively established; but in the northern communities, particularly in the urban centers, the Negro has been afforded his first real opportunity for employment in white-collar occupations."- NAACP 1939

President Franlkin Delano Roosevelt

WPA Workers

WPA Workers

The goal of this program was to create more jobs. By creating more jobs, unemployment would go down, and people to be able to buy more consumer goods. By increasing consumer purchases more money would be in circulation to help bring us out of the Great Depression.It aimed to help the unemployed by creating jobs for them. This program was created on May 6, 1935. This program was part of the Second New Deal.The Works Progress Administration was successful at helping the U.S. out of the Great Depression because it helped to employ many people. It had hired about 2.1 million people, and was basically cost efficient.

WPA Poster

Plaque Dedicated to WPA Projects


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