Working with Diverse Students and Families

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Working with Diverse Students and Families


*Learn about the families and their cultural values*Make the families feel welcomed and a valuable part of their children's education*Reach out and listen to families*Respond to the families with respect and sensitivity *Work through any language barriers by using an interpreter

*General education teachers*Bilingual teachers*School social workers*School counselors*School psychologists*Interpreters for ELLs*Social services agencies

Working with Diverse Students and Families

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

*Initiate interactions and build close relationships with students*Create classrooms that value and acknowledge all cultures*Teach in a manner that is responsive to students' cultures*Understand ELLs level of language proficiency*Make school an important place in the lives of diverse students

Diverse Students

*Maintain positive contact with parents and caregivers*Involve the families in their children's learning and education*Assist families in connecting with community resources *Recognize that you can't completely understand their situation unless you've been in it*Be supportive and encouraging

*Collaboration is about forming a mindset that is based on "want to" rather than "ought to"*Problem solving capabilities increase by utilizing the skills and resources of all team members

Teamwork and Leadership




The Sky's


for All

Socioeconomics and Diverse Backgrounds

Collaboration with Team Members

**************Classrooms that combine structure and flexibility and provide multiple options for learning are classrooms that embrace diversity, rather than treat it as a deficiency.

We must create classrooms that respect diversity and foster learning--regardless of students' unique needs, backgrounds, and experiences.

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