Working in Space

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Working in Space

Many jobs come on the ISS, each with an important role. Some include: pilot, scientist, technical worker, janitor, engineer, and doctor are just some of the important jobs in space. Being a scientist means doing experiments to improve further knowledge of Earth in space. Piloting takes courage and control, this job is to keep the ISS from falling to Earth. Engineers and technical workers keep the station active by working on the hardware, such as the wiring of the station to keep the ISS’s systems at top notch, or communications to connect to Earth when astronauts need to. Training for one of these jobs can take up to 3 years!

Chores are not fun, but in space they can be. Piloting, maintenance, and cleaning in microgravity can be totally awesome! How would you like to dust, upside down?

Working is the thing astronauts do the most, it takes up 6 hours of their day. The chores in take so long because on the ISS, cleaning is sometimes hard to do. You need a lot of patience to clean vents and air ducts. The reason that astronauts have to work hard everyday is because in microgravity, everything floats. Dust, crumbs, and anything else, will float around the space station, which can be a major problem. The inside isn’t the only place where problems can occur, the outside of the ISS can get damaged by space objects.This is where we would need Canadarm, it’s a robot built by Canada to assist astronauts in situations like that.

How much work do you do in space?

What jobs are there on the ISS?

Since working is the most important thing on the ISS, one job not done could be catastrophic. If nobody piloted, the ISS might get hit by another object, or crash. Lots of the jobs depend on the jobs, for example, the pilot could not do his job without the engineers and technical workers. Another example is that everyone depends on the janitor, without him the vents might get jammed and no one could do anything! On a space station, everyone must depend on each other.

What happens when a job is not done?

Without working in space astronauts couldn’t live in space. Working isn’t just inside the ISS, working on the outside is the most fun! Astronauts get to work with Canadarm which is a robotic arm that assists them. Working is one of the more boring parts of being an astronaut, but at least its more fun than on Earth.

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Working in Space


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