Working Conditions

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Working Conditions

Working conditions are just terrible all around the world. Like in Bangladesh 1,127 people died and 2,500 injured in a factory collapsing. The factory had huge machines that were not meant to be in there on the top floor. Also in Mexico preschoolers are working in fields with pesticides, which are chemicals that can be deadly. Working conditions have killed people and some people think its fine! That is why working conditions are terrible and we should fix them.

Working Conditions

4 quotes"The Mexican preschooler is among hundreds of children that go to work in Tobacco Fields with their parents.""Conditions are unlikely to improve for Bangladesh workers anytime soon.""The employers that use children know that they can pay them less than adults.""Each morning 20 to 30 million people go to work in dangerous pits."

NailerNailer is a shipbreaker that goes out into chemicals and uses a torch to break a ship everyday. "Nailer Clambered through the service duct, tugging at copper wire and yanking it free"

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