Workhouses in Cavan

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Workhouses in Cavan

Cavan Workhouse in 2002Dormitories, school rooms, day rooms, kitchen and food serving rooms

A workhouse today

Location of Cavan Workhouse

Report by Doctors Charles Halpin and Andrew Mease, describing the famine and fever in Cavan workhouse.Anglo-Celt,28th May 1848

Workhouses and the Famine in Cavan

Dinner Menu12oz bread1.5 pints of soup

Anonymous report describing the famine in Killeshandra Anglo Celt, 2nd July 1848

Ulster's Largest WorkhouseTotal Capacity: 1,200No. of inmates in 1845: 991No. of inmates in 1849: 12,820

How many workhouses were there in Cavan?

1. Cavan Town

2. Cootehill

4. Bawnboy

Families were split up when they entered the workhouse and children over 2 were only allowed to see their parents for 1hour a day

3. Bailieborough

"There are eight funerals per day to Molybogue cemetery and Bailieborough workhouse mortality is alarming" (23rd April, 1847)


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