[2015] Joshua Hybert: Worker's Rights

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[2015] Joshua Hybert: Worker's Rights

Recently, we have been learning about workers rights. The following Glog will tell about worker's rights in a major brand, Nike. In this Glog my item is a Jordan shoe , the Jordan V 'White Mettalic'. This item was produced in Asia along with most of Nike's products. The shoe cost about $190 retail.Nike is a gigantic company, and like other companies we only know the good side. Back in the early 2000's Nike was boycotted by many because of a sweatshop in Asia. These worker's were treated unfairly, they were under age workers and paid very little. Since all of these people found out about this behavior they took action by boycotting the comapany.Since then, Nike claims to have left these unfair conditions in the past. Nike now pays their workers (including factory workers) minimum wage at the least, In America. Nike still under pays workers in different countries working for $31 a week which you will see in the following video. Nike admits that in some factories the workers are treated horrible, but Nike now gives their workers benefits such as health and fitness managment, time off, retirement, etc. Nike's work conditions are safer than before and the workers are part of a union.Ever since the sweatshop Nike's workers are at least age 16 and older. The younger workers can not work in hazardous conditions such as certain parts of the factory. To work in hazardous parts the workers must be around 32.

Workers Rights

Jordan Shoes:"Workers Rights At NIke"

Cold Hard Facts

My Conclusions


The workers that made my favorite product were not treated fairly in the early 2000's. Since then, from the research I have gathered, Nike seems to have improved their work conditions. However, some factories have not improved, this is the problem that should be solved. Should we be willing to pay more for this product if it means the worker's safety? Why? Yes, I think that we should be willing to pay more for these products if it means that the workers are safe. We don't really need these products and it would be better to have them cost more if that means more people are protected. Of course everyone wants to pay less for anything, that's why these companies create sweatshops and other hazardous jobs. But, they have to think more about the safety of the people before the cost of the product. These are my conclusions to worker's rights of people that created Jordan breand shoes.


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