Word Problems- Solving one step equations

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Word Problems- Solving one step equations

Remember the inverse operations! Think- How do we isolate the variable?

CHALLENGE: Write a story problem that could be represented by:c + 15 = 38

1) Read through the word problems and write an equation2) Solve for the variable 3) Justify your answer!

Question #4

Question #3

Question #1

Question #2




One Step Equations

Get Started

Tre bought 3 times as much chocolate as Kyaia. If Tre bought 24 pieces of chocolate, how much did Kyaia buy?

Susan went to the store and bought some number of bananas. Her brother bought 19 oranges. If they had a total of 37 pieces of fruit, how many bananas did Susan get?

Ms. Roberts and her dog, Mindy, were in the front yard. There were some number of geese but suddenly Mindy chased 9 of them away and there was only 11 geese left. How many geese were there first?

In the basketball game, Loch Raven scored 2 times as many baskets as Parkville! If Loch Raven scored 56 points, how many did Parville score?



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