Word Change

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Word Change

Get iwith your carpet neighbor partners and choose a word ending. In your groups make a T-chart and make new words. Once you are ginshed and timer sounds return to the carpet with your parrtner and be ready to share.

Word Change

Let's Review how words arecreated. Can you think of any words that have some of the same letters. Today we will look at different letters and create new words. We will work together, work in groups and work alone. Keep in we are learning togther and its okay to make mistakes because mistakes lead us to excellence.

Word Change Explained

Let's Make New Words

-aptap, map, cap, gapCan you think of any other words?-opmop,hop,top, bopCan you think of any other words?

Let's Look at Some Examples

By the end of the lesson/activity, students will see that different letts make new words with the same endings.


Lesson Target

Let's Practice

If you need assistance please raise your hand to gain the attention of the teacher. Don't forget Group Goals!

In your table groups pick a word ending and work on creating a ryhme with different wrds and the same ending.-ap -ai-op -ay-ck -ag-tch -og

Table Practice


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