Woolly Mammoth: Back From Extinction

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Woolly Mammoth: Back From Extinction

ARTICLE:http://www.timeforkids.com/news/article-theyre-back/98981 article appeared in May 2013 in TIME For Kids edition 5-6

They're Back!Revival of the Extinct Species, the Woolly Mammoth

Blood from a frozen baby mammoth carcus makes the cloning possible

Where have you seen this friendly woolly mammoth before? Hint: his name is Manny

DQ 3: Since we have the ability to bring species back, does that mean we will repeat history? If yes, how so?

DQ 2: How can bringing back extinct species be a good and bad idea?

DQ 1: Long-extinct species are not quite back, but scientists may soon be able to re-create the creatures. Should they?


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