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Woods Runner

The Brown Bess Musket, (pictured below) was the primary weapon used in the Revolutionary War. Both the British Soldiers and the American Soldiers used this weapon. The Brown Bess's range was around 100 yards, but soldiers usually fired from 50 yards away. Because of its smoothbore, its lack of sights, and its sometimes-undersized anumition, this weapon tended to be inacurate. Another weapon used in the Revolutionary War were tomahawks. These were mostly used by indians, as they had for may years, even before the war.

"The Red Coats"

The "Red Coats" were the british soldiers. This term was often used by Americans or bystanders of the war.The Hessians, a big part of the British army, were known as beasts for the way they destroyed innocent homes and captured innocent people. The weapons they were issued were the Brown Bess Musket and the bayonet.

The war turned into more like a world war very quickly. Native Americans fought both sides and Spain too America's side, or at least its Navy did. the French kept England from supplying her troops and they also distracted England from America's Navy.The English Navy was so focused on the French, they couldn't take much action in the American problem.


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Woods Runner

The Americans

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The British gave its prisoners only one cup a day of water belowdecks. The captive's food was the leftovers of the british soldier's food, which was usually half-inedible.

The World

The Revolutionary War is the war in which America gained freedom from Britain.


The American Army consisted of 3 parts.They were the Continential which was theregular army, there was the volunteer militia, and there was the rangers.

Treatment of Prisoners in War

By Gary Paulsen


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