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Woods Runner

Woods RunnerBY : GARY PAUSEN

This book is about a 13 year boy , Samuel goes on a journey to save his family taken away by the british when he was hunting . During his journey he save a little girl named Anne . Anne tages alonge his jouney to find samuels parents . Samuel also come up with a spy that know were the captail of the british , it was in New York. With the help of the spy they get to new york and locate samuels family and saved his family by the britsh . Then they heaed to philadelphia . On thier way thier they enconter an attaked by the british and luckly got saved by the rebels . Finally when they were safe and they adopted Anne.

I would rate this book five stars because it gives you diferent types of thoughts if he is going to make it out alive .Just at the ending at the book he escape death but saved . I think people from all ages would enjoy this book .Also by the book you understand what the character and has good detail about them .

The conflict in this story is that Samuel's parents were taken away . Also he has to overcome obsticals that are hard becauseehe is fighting agains the british solders and it is person vs person .The resolution is that samuel did not give up to get his parents back. Also he overcome the obstical and he is a good leader.

The name of the character is Samuel . He lives in the wilderness . And takes place in the 1776. He is and protagonist in the story . An adjective that can describe him as inspiring becuse he never gave up to save his family and he was a good leader. A qoute i found in the book in page 11 was " Those peoplein the world who were supposed to be civilized, full of knoeledge and wisdom and graciousness and wealthand educated were caught in the madness of vicious, bloody war". Also i was suprised of the power of people not giving up .

Conflict and Resolution



Genre The genre of this novel is historical fiction . Historical fition is a writing of the past that happen alone time ago .Other books that have the same genre as the woods runner are "The rifle " and "The beet fieds ' writen by the same author Gary Paulson .

The author of this book is Gary Paulsen . Paulsen wrote over 200 books and most were historical fiction . Also Paulsen likes the wildreness . Two books that he wrote are Tracker and River . He is a good author because makes you feel what the character thinks and feels in the story .





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