[2015] Jaden Pearson: Woods Runner

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[2015] Jaden Pearson: Woods Runner

Gary Paulsen

Woods Runner

Main EventsParents get captured.Samuel gets hit in the head with a tomowhawk and survives.He gets saved.He travels through the woods with them.He goes his own way.He meets Anne (A.K.A. Annie) Clark.Her parents are killed.They meet Abner.They meet Micah and Martha.

SettingIn the woodsHudson RiverNew York

CharactersSamuelCoopSamuel's motherSamuel's fatherCarlAnnie ClarkCaleb ClarkAnnie's motherAbnerMicahMarthaMathewThe HessiansThe Red CoatsThe French

A bookreport by : Jaden Pearson

Problem, conflict

Climax : Samuel finds out what happened to his parents.

Genre : Novel

Samuel's parents get captured, along with some of his neighbors. His house along with his neighbors' houses are burned. He gets hit in the head with a tomohawk. People he meet along the way are killed.

The story Woods Runner is a fenomonal book about a boy named Samuel who embarks on a journey, after his house burns down, and his parents go missing. As you read you will "expeirence" the American Revolution from a 13 year old boy's perspective.

Book LevelGrades 6-8Abner : Brave, dependent, and loyalAnnie : Brave

Protagonist : SamuelResolution : Samuel finds his parents and frees themPoint of View : Third PersonTheme : Survival and love

Samuel meets Anne Marie Pennysworth Clark. He was looking for food and he found her barn.There were many chickens in the back yard. So he sneaks into the back yard to steal one. But when he went to do this Annie noticed him. She came out to speak to him. Samuel was suprised when he found out she was actually going to welcome him and allow him to take one. On pages 74-77 the book states " . . . when he came upon the farm. it had not been attacked and burned. . . this was a proper farm . . . he could see chickens in the yard . . . chicken would taste good. the thought of roasted chicken made him salivate. Second, if they hadn't been attacked it must mean they were friendly to the raiders . . . Just as he started to make his move, he heard a scraping sound overhead and a barn loft door opened. A little girl eight or nine was looking down at him."

when annie and Samuel first met Abner they thought he was dangerous. On page 97 the book the states " How's your day? . . . I'm Abner McDougal, tinker at large."


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