[2015] Joey Garrett: Woods Runner

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[2015] Joey Garrett: Woods Runner

Author:Gary Paulsen

Title:Woods Runner

Main EventsThis 3rd person point of view book has lots of exticiting events and even some battles. The First main event was when Samuel found out that his town had been raided. The second one would probably be when they had met the clarks and then the Hessians took over. The climax would be when Samuel and his friend Abner get Samuel's parents out of the british jail secertly.

SettingThe Woods Runner's setting is not always the same for a long time. Most of the book is Samuel running around the New World chasing after his mom and dad because they were taken by british soldiers while he was hunting. He goes through the woods and meets many new people on his way too.

CharactersThere are many characters in the book Woods Runner but the main character is a 13-year-old boy, who lives on the frontier, called Samuel. Two of his friends, Abner and Mathew, showed great courage in helping Samuel get his parents back.

ConflictWhile Samuel, the main character, was out hunting, his town was raided and his mom and dad were taken captive. While Samuel is traking down the raiders, he mets people who are working undercover and realizes that the world that he lives in is a lot bigger than he thought.

Resolution and ThemeThis realistic ficition book has a very satifying ending. After Mathew helps Samuel and Abner across the lake they make a plan to free there parents. The plan didn't go exactly the way they planed. Samuel didn't hit the guard with a brick hard enough so the soldier sounded the alarm. Fortunally they got off the prison ground safly and then went to Philidelphia where they stayed. The theme is that the Revolutionary war effected many lives who lives on the Fronteir.

By: Joey Garrett

Patriot soldiers lining up to fight.

British soldier with gun.

Patriot soldier

British prison in the 1800.


"An attack. And he had not been there to protect his parents."

"Not just the smoke from the fires. But thethick, heavy smell.Blood. Death."

Book Level: 5.6



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