Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World


REQUIREMENTSYou are going to create your first Glog! We are working with "Wonders of the World" and each of you has chosen your topic. The following are minimum requirements about your topic to be included in your Glog:GRADE 8:1) 250 words in paragraphs about your topic2) 7 graphics 6) 5 images3) 1 video 7) 1 wall4) 10 facts 8) 1 Title5) 5 URL links to sites GRADE 7:1) 200 words in paragraphs about your topic2) 5 graphics 6) 5 images3) 1 video 7) 1 wall4) 10 facts 8) 1 Title5) 3 URL links to sitesProject due date for ALL classes: Monday, January 28(Click on your rubric attachment at the bottom right corner of this Glog)


Wonders of the World

Get inspired

What to Do:1. Decide what aspect of your topic you are going to focus on. (Example: "The History of the Taj Mahal" or "Building the Great Wall of China"). This will be your title.2. Begin researching your topic online and finding resources. Save text, graphics, or whatever you may want to use to your ICT Folder.3. Create your Glog. Be sure you follow ALL of the guidelines and directions you have and refer to them often. Be sure to include all requirements expected and use your Rubric to help guide you as well.4. Prepare to present your Glog.

Create Your First Glog!


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Your GLOGSTER Wonders of the World Rubric > OPEN IT :>D

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  • ss937uwch 8 years ago

    ss937uwch's avatar

    I like this glog because it has really cool wall and cool pictures of nice places.

  • s74e3aty8 8 years ago

    s74e3aty8's avatar

    What I like about the glog is that its useful and we can attach file so it can help the student to get any information on just one website. I like all the graphics and pictures on the glog. I think the assignment is fair for all the students.

  • sn442r4yh 8 years ago

    sn442r4yh's avatar

    It's very nice because it has picture of many different place and assignment is really easy to understand

  • sdhwtqf9f 8 years ago

    sdhwtqf9f's avatar

    I like the glog's wall because it makes the glog looks like a page from an old traveling scrapbook. I also like the video, it is very informative and the pictures.

  • st277oqgo 8 years ago

    st277oqgo's avatar

    What I found great about this Glog is that, well, my first impression is that it looks really colorful and interesting to me. The Glog includes a lot of pictures showing some of the Wonders of the World. Also, it gives me clear instructions and requirements on what I need and what I should do. I find this Glog very useful!

  • sda97uc2a 8 years ago

    sda97uc2a's avatar

    The glog is very interesting. There are a lot of pictures that represent the Wonders of The World, which makes it more enjoyable.

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