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wonderful ocean biome

Wonderful Ocean BiomeBy: Kelly. L, Phoebe, Shelby

42,000 sea turtles are killled each year. Don't kill the sea turtles!Here are some of the things we kill them for:Meat, Eggs, Jewerly and their shells

Sea Turtles



whales are known as gentle giants. But, l'm sure they think of us as killing machines. But, I can't blame them.Here are some ways we hurt them: Boats,Oil Spills,Ocean Bombs and trash.

Problem Solution Boats Make laws Trash Trash teamFishermen Make laws Ocean bombs Make a law People- Stop killing for wants not needs Oil spills Find alternative energy

We kill millions of sharks a year and they only kill 6 of us a year!

How We Can HelpWe can STOP oil spills and make a trash team. Clean up after yourself. Don't keep street lights on because animals will follow the light thinking it's the moon.

Survival StatusThere are a little bit over 440 sharks left in each 8 groups of sharks in the world. There are only 3,000 whales left. They are threatened and endangered for their blubber and oil. Sea Turtles are becoming extinct because of reckless fishing and more.

Click here to save the ocean species!!You can adopt an animal and donate!

Whales help us sustain the ocean. The whales poop fertalizes the plants. Before a great number of whales were killed it seems that they have been responsible for removing ten million tons of carbon dioxide. By plunging up and down giving more time for plankton to reproduce before it sinks to the abyss.

Problem SolutionCutting out blubber Make lawsBoats Make signs Trash Clean up after yourself Ocean bombs Make laws Oil spills Find alternative energy sources

Problem Solution Fishing nets Buy a biodegrdable Trash Trash team/ pick up Turtle farms Shut them down!!We eat turtles Enforce the lawsTurtle products Don't buy products! Oil spills Find alternative energy Jewerly Don't buy it!Shells Make laws!

1,000 sea turtle eggs are layed. 80 hatch. 20 get to the water. 2 become an adult.

Did you know that we kill 100 million sharks a year for wants not needs? Here are some of the things we kill them for:Machine grease, Shark tooth necklaces, Cattle feed, Sharkskin wallet, Fertilizer, Shark fin soup, Sharkskin shoes, After-shave, Skin cream and Fish and Chips.

Why they Matter- Turtles are very important to the ocean. They maintain the health of coral reefs and grass beds. If the turtles die no one will maintain the coral reefs and grass beds.-Whales matter because they give other animals food by letting them feed off of the cuts and scrapes on it's back. -Sharks matter because they eat the fish and if the sharks die there will be an over population of fish. We need to save the ocean!!