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WonderBy: R.J. Palacio

August Pullman is a ten year old boy that lives in New York City. He was born with a facial deformity which has affected the way he lives his daily life. Up until he enters the fifth grade Auggie is homeschooled by his mother. His parents fear that Auggie's facial deformity will cause him to be made fun of and not accepted by his peers, which is the driving force behind his homeschooling. As he moves into young adolescence, Auggie's parents feel that he needs to learn more than his mom can teach him and learn to cope with the real world. When he begins at Breecher Prep School, Auggie struggles to fit in. People are hesitant to accept him and this causes him to question his own identity. Throughout the book the readers experience Auggie's journery of self-acceptance through the perspectives of Via, Summer, Justin, and Miranda. By the end of the book Auggie has gone through a transformation that leaves him confident and happy with who he is.



-Identity-Coming of age-Courage-Isolation--Kindness


August "Auggie"PullmanIsabel and Nate PullmanOlivia "Via" PullmanJack WillSummer DawsonMirandaJulianJustin

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The elements of the story are developed through the use of multiple perspectives. This literary approach provides all readers with the opportunity to empathize with the different characters of the story. Readers develop the ability to embrace and accept differences in others.


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