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WonderBy:R.J palacio

Wonder is a realistic fiction book by R.J palacio. Wonder is a book that is about a boy named August Pullman who is deformed and how people react to him being deformed. August has been homeschooled his whole life but know he is starting fifth grade at BEECHER PREP MIDDLE SCHOOL and he is scared that people will stare at his face and make fun off him. Later on August learns that he can make friends with his classmates and this changes how he thinks of himself and how other people think of him.



The theme is that you cant jugde someone by thier looks you should jugde them by thier characteristics and how they act.


There are many charecters who play A ton of roles in wonder but the main characters areAugust Pullman:the main character, Jack Will:August's best friend, Oliva:August's sister, Summer:August's other friend, Justin:Olivia'sboyfriend, Miranda: Olivia's friend who knew August as a baby,and finally Julian:the kid who bullied August

The setting in the book Wonder is in modern time and at a boys school house his town and his friends houses and towns.

One recommendation I have for you guys is that you guys should go check out the https://www.pinterest.com/LLipsky1/wonder-rj-palacio/ their you can see R.J Palacio and learn a bunch of facts about WONDER. also as you see to the left make sure you keep calm and don't be Julian




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