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Wonder Book Report

Places:The SchoolAugust's HouseAugust's RoomCamp Grounds Time: The Present


Author: .R.J Palacio

Book report

Name: Preston Flint #2 Date: October 3rd, 2014

1. He meets Jack will.2. Julian talks bad about him.3. He meets Summer who is nice to him.4. His dog daisy dies.5. He gets a new dog named bear after he gets back from camp.

Main Events

August PullmanViaJack Will JulianMom ' DadSummer


Title: Wonder.........................................



Do you like the book?

August Pullman ia a kid who wants to go to a normal school but he has Treacher-Collins syndrome which makes him look very ugly to people.

In the end, August makes friends that don't look down on him because of how he looks. He has friends that like him for who he is.

I liked the book Wonder because it made you feel bad for him by making it like you were him and there were funny parts on it.

I like the Book!

Quotes1). "Sometimes you can't blend in,no matter how hard you try.2). August, You really are a wonder


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