Women's Suffrage Movement

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Women's Suffrage Movement

In the 1920s, women had just started to "run wild". Showing off more skin and dating had begun to be a typical thing they did. During this time, morals loosened up and women would smoke and drink in public with men. The Double Standard was mostly about "opening up" a little bit more. Both men and women could openly talk about sex in public. Men started to casually date. Women could do the same as well but it was more frowned upon.

Important Women of the 1920s

Double StandardWhat it was for Women in 1920s

The pursute to womens rights initally had started as early as the 1800s. Women had started to realize that they were much more than just submissives wives and mothers, only concerned with home and family duties. In 1828, a group of abolitionist-activist women (and some men) had met in Seneca Falls, NY to discuss rights of women. This meeting had come to an agreement that women deserved their right to vote. They had started the flame for this movement but it became difficult to continue feeding it because, at the time, the Civil War had taken the spotlight. After sometime, they started to push the idea back into the US. In 1869, women had formed the National Women Suffrage Association. Meanwhile, there had been another group called the American Women Suffrage Association. Both decide to merge together and create the National American Women Suffrage Association. (lead by Elizabeth Cady Stanton)

Women's Suffrage Movement

WINNING AT LAST!In 1926, NAWSA president, Carrie Chaoman Catt, at the time had come up with "the winning plan" to finally with the vote for women. Her plan was so campaign for suffrage on both state and federal levels and to negoiate with states that refused to change. This didn't work right away. World War I had slowed the process but didn't stop there advances to victory. With women helping the war effort, it pointed out that women are just as patriotc and deserving of citizenship as men. On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote was finally ratified.

Did you Know?In 1923, the National Women's party propsed an amendment to the Constitution that banned all discimination based on sex. This so-called Equal Rights Amendement has never been ratified

"Men, their rights, and nothing more; Women, their rights,and nothing less"-Susan B. Anthony

Double Standard:a different set of priniciples for similar concepts; usually unfair and bias


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