Women's Roles in WW1

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Social Studies
World War I

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Women's Roles in WW1

NursesFactorie workersTaking care of childrenCleaning the homes

Women would stay home and take care of the children during World War 1.Women working in factories would be abused at work by the men in charge and there was dangerous working conditions.Women working as nurses in the war would take care of the injured soldiers and would sometimes get hurt as well. The women working in the war would get hurt or even die from the dangerous working conditions.

Women's Roles in WW1


Nurses in WW1

Stay at home mothers


“Where do all the women who have watched so carefully over the lives of their beloved ones get the heroism to send them to face the cannon? I am afraid that this soaring of the spirit will be followed by the blackest despair and dejection. The task is to bear it not only during these few weeks, but for a long time - in dreary November as well, and also when spring comes again, in March, the month of young men who wanted to live and are dead.”Kathe Kollwitz

“If brains have brought us to what we are in now, I think it is time to allow our hearts to speak. When our sons are killed by the millions, let us, mothers, only try to do good by going to the kings and emperors without any other danger than a refusal.”Rosika Schwimmer




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