Women's Role World War I

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World War I

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Women's Role World War I

Women's Role in World War I

The Army was trying to figure out a way to recruit women for the war without breaking a rule, while the Navy simply let women enlist in the navy right away and ignored the War Department rules. There were 13,000 women who enlisted in the Navy. They had the same status as the men and wore the same uniforms. The women blended right into the men,and most people could not tell.

Recruiting Women For Navy

Women as Nurses in War

Many women helped in the war by becoming nurses for the wounded soliders. Phycical and Occupational Therapists were called Reconstruction Adies. These nurses would work in nearby hospitals in th U.S.A and over seas. The nurses who did not serve in the overseas were in Belgium, Italy, and England. These nurses later recived decorations for their service.

Women's Posters for War

During the War people would hang up posters to get recruits for the war. These posters were called propaganda posters. Some of the posters had women in Navy or Army uniform. These posters were not meant to recruit women, but to recruit men. The posters made women want to be in the war, but were only made to recruit men.


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Women on Home Front

Not all the women helped in the war. They were not all soliders and they were not all nurses. Someone had to work at home, so the women stepped up to the plate. At the time of the war, women had to replace the men that were fighting in the war. The women had to work on the farms and do all the work that the men would usually do. They also had to now provide for their families, so many found jobs in factories. Doing all the work was a lot for the women to do . They had to take care of the children at home and find a job to provide for thir families. The women in World War I have a very important job to maintain as their husbands were out at war.

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Women Providing for the War

The women also helped by making the equipment. The women were making canned goods for the food. They also helped by making the uniforms and other clothes for the people in the war. They made the supplies that the soliders would need in the war.


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