Women's Rights

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Women's Rights

The Progressive Era was a time period from around 1900-1914 in America when many reforms took place, including political reforms, changes to business, and women's suffrage.The women's rights movement during this era was led by many women at this time who wanted to change women's role in society. They wanted to have the same jobs as men, and be treated equally as well.


1848 - Seneca Falls Convention1890 - National American Woman Suffrage Association is formed1912 - Thedore Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party is the first political party to support women's suffrage 1920 - 19th Amendment Passed

The women's rights movement accomplished many things that they wanted from the start. Women were granted laws for minimum wage, max hours in a week, and health programs for pregnant women.The Children's Bureau and the Women's Bureau were created in the Federal Department of Labor.

Lasting Impact

Women were seen differently in society and were treated more equally to how men were. More women aquired jobs that previously were seen as jobs only for men



Women's Rights



Women's Suffrage


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