Women´s Rights in America

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Women´s Rights in America

Women's Rights in America

by Emmy Lindzter


Two opposing factions join together as an organization to support women's rights in America

Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, California, Oregon, Montana, and Arizona are the first states to allow women the right to vote

The fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a very important event that started a national movement for safer working conditions; especially for women. In the fire, a total of 129 women died. They were mostly European Immigrants.

The National Woman's Suffrage Association joined the National Woman's Suffrage Association and they became the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was their first president.


The Seneca Falls Convention is held and the Declaration of Sentiments is written


Western States start to give women the right to vote



The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire happens

The 19th Amendment was ratified; the right for women to vote

The Seneca Falls Convention was the first public meeting about women's rights held in America. About 240 men and women attended. The convention organizers wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which was a document with detailed beliefs about social injustice toward women.

World War 1 slowed down the suffragists' campaign, but it still continued. Activists pointed out that women were just as patriotic as men and deserved the right to vote. The 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18th, 1920.


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