Women's Rights-Betty

by Bettyml27
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Social Studies
American History

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Women's Rights-Betty




Women's Rights

Men's views: Women are much too emotional to vote.Women's views: Take a look at yourselves during an election! We are more than capable to make decisions regardless of our emotions.

Men's views: All women need to learn is how to cook, clean, sew, and take care of babies.Women's views: We deserve to learn about everything. Some of us want to be scientists and popiticians. We are capable of making the world a better place!

Men's views: Women don't need a real job, that's the man's job to make money. The women's only jobs are to have children and take care of the house.Women's views: We want to be independent and earn a living for ourselves! We want the same job opportunities as men with equal pay! We are hard working and deserve nothing less that the right to make a life for ourselves.



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