Women's Rights

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Women's Rights

Time Line



Women's Rights

Seneca Falls Convention


World War I

The 19th Amendment





World War I provided the momentum for the organization of women. More than 10 million women entered labor, thousands became nurses and ambulance drivers, and homemakers organized groups to conserve food & fundraise

Abigail Adams wrote her husband, John Adams in March of 1775 and urged him to "Remember the ladies" in the process of forming the new government after the break from England.

300 Women's Rights advocates gathered together in Seneca Falls, NY. They signed the Declaration of Sentiments, which called for equal rights for women and suffrage.

The Temerance Movement was instrumental in the Women's Suffrage Movement. Many of their memberships crossed over into the other. Women organized to ban alcohol to protect women and children from abuse.

Women won the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was ratified in August of 1920. It was a process that took nearly 150 years.

Nurses in World War I

Image of Abigail Adams

Elizabeth Cady Staton and Susan B. Anthony

Image of Lucretia Mott

Members of the WCTU

Pistol Manufacturers Women Laborers


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