Womens rights 1910

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Womens rights 1910

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Women's Rights in 1910

On March 25th 1911, there was a fire that happened in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City. The Fire happened about a year after the Shirtwaist strike of 1909-1910. The fire killed hundreds of women working at machines. However, it got worse. Some women hurled themselves out windows, and due to new communication technology that wasn't working properly, many women and men lost their lives.

The Shirtwaist strike of 1909-1910 was a difficult time for women working in the shirtwaist factories. The strike happened over the fact that women were seen as disposable, and were severely underpaid. Most women got 3 dollars a week, but they didn't receive this money, as their bosses often found ways to lessen the amount of their money.These circumstances are what got the strike going:  The women had enough, and wanted their full pay.  They stood on the picket lines through cold winters, and took beatings from strike breakers, as they just wanted to stand up for what they believed was right.


The story "Uprising" is about the triangle shirt waist fire, along with the strike. It focuses on 3 fictional characters and their lives in the 1910's. The story starts with a girl we know as Margaret, asking one of the surviving girls, called Mrs. Livington, what happened in the fire.

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Not too long after this strike, there was a suffrage parade. Many of these happened working up to the fire.  However, some of the women didn't like the parades, because it would be taking money from their husbands, and ultimately themselves.These suffrage parades were not only for wages, as most people were making 22 cents an hour, for a wage of $200-$400 yearly.  Women got much, much less, as in the book, they were making $3-$5 a week.  Women were also protesting for the right to vote and go to collage.  It can be a bit crazy, the difference a century makes.

During 1910, the highest immigration rates were those of either Italian or Russian heritage. During this time, Jewish Russians were being killed in mass in Europe, having their homes burned, and being killed. Quite a lot of parents sent their children to America to escape this.In Italy, there was little to no money, so often times members of the family would go to America and send money back to their families. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of health problems, and due to the fact that woman couldn't read, if they got a letter saying that their family has died,they were often cheated out, as they didn't know how to use money, and trusted someone to do it for them.

The girls are named Bella, Jane, and Yetta. Bella is an immigrant from Italy with a hard past. she lived with a few people, the most notable being a boy named Rocco. Jane was born and raised in America, as her father runs a few corporate companies. lastly, Yetta. She is from Russia, as she had to leave because she is Jewish. Bella and Yetta started out in the Triangle shirt waist factory. At first, Bella didn't speak a lick of English, but she learned Yiddish, as many of the Russian girls spoke that instead of English. This made it hard for Bella to ask questions, when Jane took her in, trying to help stop her from getting hypothermia.Yetta and Bella got quite close. living together after a falling out with the Union, along with her sister marrying off. Yetta's sister's name was Rachel, and she was a few years older than Yetta. Rachel had a baby, however Yetta would never get the chance to meet them.After the incident with Bella, Jane became involved with women's rights, calling her father cruel for  hiring strike breakers, calling the money dirty, tainted with blood. Jane moved in with Bella and Yetta,as she now needed somewhere to stay. She worked as a governess, taking care of the children, belonging to the owner of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. She intended to raise them in a way that had them involved with women's rights, showing them that women were just as strong. The fire had struck, having all 3 girls inside. although only one would live, they kept the memories of the trio, their many triumphs. Along with their failures. As Mrs. Livington, named her children after her two best friends, much to Margret's surprise.


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