Women's Health Protection Act

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Women's Health Protection Act

Give women back their choice! Support S.B. 1696The Women's Health Protection Act

Don't women deserve the right to choose?

According to Roe v. Wade, all women have the right to safe, legal abortions with little interference from the state up until fetal viability or through the second trimester. More than half the women in the United States have that right violated by "unnecessary and excessive" restrictions put on abortion and providers by the states. The Women's Health Protection Act (S.B. 1696) would help these women by federally abolishing these hostile and controlling restrictions,and require only limitations that were expressly medically necessary.

- 27 states are considered "hostile" to abortions rights (as of January 2013)- These hostile states implemented at least four major restrictions on abortion- 54% of women living in the USA reside in these states (as of January 2014)- Poor women and women of color are more likely to receive abortions (these women are also more likely to be at a higher disadvangate due to structural inequities in our society)- By forcing women to give birth, the states are increasing the risk for both mother and child to experience "severe, and long-lasting" negative consequences including lack of educational attainment, financial struggles, and emotional distress- Undermining a woman's right to self-determination can have negative emotional and psychological reprecussions

Some noteworthy information

Let's clear up some myths

- Having an abortion does not increase your likelihood of developing breast cancer- Abortions are 10x's safer than childbirth- Having an abortion is not associated with long-term psychological distress- Having an abortion will not prevent you from having a healthy pregnancy when you are ready


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