Women's Hairstyles

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Women's Hairstyles



This era consist of punk rock.Most consist of contrasting colors, precise and well defined cuts, sometimes even choppy, and can often be mixed with past styles



During the early 1910’s, styles were long hair either pinned up elaborately or flowing and wavy. Popular accessories were big bows, jeweled pins, headbands, often adorned with fancy beads and stitch-work designs, and hats.

This decade saw a transition in hairstyles, from the more confined styles of the Victorian era to looser, fuller hairstyles



The invention of the bob. Sleek short or wavy bob cuts, Eton crops, heavy fringes, waves, kiss curls, headbands, floppy bows, feathers.


Eighties hair was either high maintenence – big, sprayed, curled, permed, highlighted, or easy care like Dianna’s mouse-coloured layered cut, or the wash ‘n leave perm. This era saw the popularity of the mullet haircut, we all know how well that one went over.






Veronic Lake look, Victory rolls, pin curs, barrel curls, snoods.

70’s styles tended to be more natural and got away from using accessories popularized in the 50’s and 60’s. Flick fringes, layers, center partings, braids, crimping, the shaggy layer cut, crazy colours, spiky gelled hair, the ‘gypsy’ cut, flicks and off-the-face curls.

Many were still large, but they were more sexy and natural looking.In 1995, Jennifer Aniston skyrocketed to fame as women everywhere clamored salons to get the now infamous “Rachel cut”.

Jean Harlow curls, the high drama Hollywood starlet look, severe partings, pin curls, the use of pomade, the Marcel wave look, finger waves, snoods

Also,Volume was the theme that ran through most of the popular hairstyles, regardless of hair length. Longer hairstyles featured hair parted in the middle (with a noticeable part), and long wavy tresses hanging below the shoulders. Shorter hairstyles generally began around the ears and ‘poofed’ up over the head in several updo styles, often held in place with barrettes and adorned with bows, or large, wide hats.

Bouffants, beehives, roller sets and backcombing (teasing), flick-ups, afros, Vidal Sassoon started the revolution of the inverted bob, the wedge and the asymmetrical cut, Mia Farrow crops, long flowing hair and headbands.

Lucille Ball popularised the poodle cut, which gave women with curly hair a style advantage, and her strawberry blonde style is still instantly recognisable.Adding cocktail hats to short waves and curls, the Audrey Hepburn look. Pony tails and short fringes (like Betty Page below). Sleek chignons (a knot or coil of hair arranged around the back of a woman’s neck). Hair was worn flat to the head.