Women´s Fight for Equality

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Social Studies
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Women´s Fight for Equality

Women's Fight for Equalityby: Maddie, Mariah & Nina


Feminism is the belief that women should have economic, political, and social equality with men. During the 1960s women in the workplace were able to get some of the same jobs as men but they weren't getting paid the same wages because the job was considered "mens work". Jobs that were considered for women were retail sales, social work, teaching and nursing. There was a group called the National Organization for Women or NOW that was created to pursue the goals of women. This organization was created by Betty Friedan. Gloria Sheinman was a journalist, political activist, and ardent supporter of the women's liberation movement. She found the National Women's Political Caucus which was a group that encouraged women to seek political office. In 1973 there was a court case called Roe vs. Wade that the Supreme Court ruled it to be the women's decision if she wants to have an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy.

QUESTIONS1. What were some jobs that were considered "women jobs"?2. What does NOW stand for?3. TRUE/FALSE Women were recieving the same wages as men for doing the same work.4. What organization was founded by Gloria Steinman?5. What was the final decision in the Roe vs. Wade case?


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