Women's Fashion During Shakespeare's Time

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Women's Fashion During Shakespeare's Time

Both high and low nicklines were fashionable!

Women's Fashion During Shakespeare's Time

Pale skin was a symbol of nobility since poorer people were forced to work outside in the sun, making their skin tanned.To get pale skin, women in used ceruse, a skin-withening material.

Pale Skin

French-hooded cloak, is a light hood that women wear outdoors

Lower-class people dressed in garments made of wool, linen and cotton. Upper-class people bought silk from Flanders (modern-day Belgium) and velvet from Spain and Italy to use as cloting material in order to display their wealth.

Displaying Wealth

Young unmarried girls wore their hair loose. Married women in much of Europe veils and elaborate haeddresses made of wire and mesh. Women also used chemicals and dyes to change their hair color.

Women dressed as well as they could, to attract a husband and to show their husband's wealth.

Women wore lightweight dresses, but Catherine de'Medici was one of the first women to wear pantlike underwear. These gave the women freedom to ride horses without exposing themselves.

You do not 'go shopping'. You go to the shops or to market.


Catherine de Medicis


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